There are endless possibilities in building your own business. It all starts with an idea.

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Who we are?

Who we are?

KOFIE™ is a digital consulting company that is client-centred. We answer critical questions to develop ideas, concepts and systems to live out and project experiences that resonate with clients’ businesses to help achieve growth and transformation.

We provide the best digital experience for our clients to aid in creating a substantial economic value. We believe that going digital is a valuable and strategic asset that drives the overall business performance of organizations and ventures.

For this reason, we assist our clients to realize the emergence of Business and Design using Strategy powered by Technology as a means to solve real problems.

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What we do?

At KOFIE™, we provide a comprehensive digital solution experience to our clients.
We explore an array of digital facets that makes us better suited for all client needs.
The solutions provided at KOFIE™ helps our clients better make informed decisions
and strategic choices for the growth of their businesses.

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What we have done?

We are considered to be the first point of call when a company considers starting another line of business or launching a product or service (build strategies for business development), when a company struggles with its business, product or service (formulate new strategies) and when a company considers a restructuring (deploy strategies to change industries).

Consumer Goods and Services
Financial Services


We do not compromise on our process of achieving the best outcome needed by our clients.
We painstakingly undertake every project with the objective of delivering the best possible result for our clients.

Our team

We are designing a new way of working which isn't only economically viable but impacts lives. We want to reimagine the world of work.

Napoleon Kofie

Business Development & Strategy

Anne Ami

Content Development

Kobena Eshun-Davies


We provide solutions

Digital Consulting: We use digital frameworks as a strategy to help individuals and businesses thrive. We develop digital solutions that matter and provide real impact to our clients. Our focus is on delivering what really is of significance to a given client situation and modelling the solution to yield important results which increases the innovative and competitive qualities of a client’s business..

Innovative Solutions

We help companies define what they make and do, why they do it and how to innovate contextually, both immediately and over the long-term.

Creative Solutions

We strongly believe creativity stems from IDEAS. Such, we pride ourselves in providing our clients with creative ideas to
design experience.

Certified experts

Our group comprises of individuals from diverse backgrounds. We are a team of master strategists, prolific writers and
skilled technologists.

Trusted by many Clients All Around The World.

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